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Dream Scenario: Nicolas Cage’s Chaotic Journey into your Dreams

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Dream Scenario is a bizarre dark comedy movie focused on the premise of a man appearing in people’s dreams. Without a doubt, a familiar concept to fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger, except rather than the mutilated spirit of a deceased child murderer, the subject appearing in people’s dreams here is an almost comically unremarkable, balding middle-aged family man who evolves into a social media sensation virtually overnight for the simple fact that he appears in people’s dreams and does nothing but stand around in them, depicted by none other than Nicolas Cage. And with an outlandish premise like that, there’s no doubt that Nic Cage would feel completely at home in this kind of role, despite the character being one of his more, let’s just say, ‘subdued’ roles.

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Overlord: A Delightfully Morbid Nazi Thriller Schlock Fest.

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What do you get when you toss Wolfenstein, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Saving Private Ryan and possibly the most blatant amounts of historical inaccuracy into a blender? You get a feverishly insane, ridiculously ultraviolent, revisionist war horror, schlock-fest that is Overlord. It could easily be dismissed as exactly the kind of unapologetically gruesome and tasteless B-movie pulp that a 14 year-old version of me would call a ‘masterpiece’. But in an era where most action productions are shackled to grand executive franchise aspirations, a schlocky revisionist war film about horrific Nazi experimentation with a simple beginning and an end and no loose ends to be tied up in a sequel or big-budget franchise feels like a breath of fresh air.

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