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Toy Story 4: A World of Toys that Still has a Story to Tell.

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It’s been a good nine years since
Toy Story’s third installment had been released. A film that was once
universally regarded to be the definitive and beautifully bittersweet capstone
of the genre-defining Toy Story films. But, knowing Disney’s habit of
capitalizing on its more nostalgic properties as of late, the release of a
fourth installment to this beloved franchise was, more or less, to be expected,
albeit with relative scepticism of its quality compared to its predecessors. With
a new director, Josh Cooley at the helm along with writers leaving the project
due to ‘creative differences’, and an almost 2-year delay of the film due to
other projects, such as The Incredibles 2, audiences were nervous that Toy
Story 4 was doomed to fall short of their expectations set by previous
installments. After all, what could a new installment possibly add after such a
final and near-perfect conclusion? Did we really need to know what happened to
Woody and Buzz next?

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Coco: An Animated Pixar Gem paying tribute to Día de Muertos,

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When I’d first discovered that the roster for ‘Best Animation’ at the Oscars had included some rather sub-par Hollywood-based productions such as Dreamworks’ ‘Boss Baby’ and Blue Sky’s ‘Ferdinand’ that were competing alongside some visually innovative and even ground-breaking international releases such as the spectacular UK-produced ‘Loving Vincent’, along with the latest Cartoon Saloon-production: ‘The Breadwinner’, I was somewhat disillusioned.
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